As for any travel to another continent, and given your practice Windsurf, Kite ... it is advisable to provide health insurance and repatriation in case of need.

Caution while sailing', the spot has no dangers except the spot "Windsurfing" with pegs and some reefs, but the wind is very strong ... we cannot recommend to wear a helmet and slippers.

Medical resources here: a health post, some days,  a nurse and a doctor. If necessary, taxi direction to hospital in Fortaleza or "local UAS."

Kit's rating: "Montezuma", analgesics, the need to disinfect and make a dressing, cream against burns... and your regular medications (please have your orders to avoid any problems with customs when entering the country).

  • Vaccinations: No special vaccination for the restricted area of Icarai ; only be on time of your vaccinations schedule.
  • Malaria and yellow fever: no preventive treatment for the restrictive area of Icaraí.
  • If living in other regions of Brazil, specific vaccines and prevention against malaria, yellow fever may be required, for more information visit the website of the Institut Pasteur.

Sunscreen. Be very careful: even for darker skin and the southerners, the sun is much more intense in our latitudes ...
T-shirt, wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses more than recommended!

Insects. Thanks to the wind, there are few mosquitoes in our tropical area. The best protection is called mechanics, namely long dark evening clothes. Other ways: skin repellents, mosquito nets, mosquito taken. Be careful with the spread of Zika: it may be dangerous to pregnant women. Take advice! 


Use only bottled water for drinking and ice.
But you can take showers and even clear your teeth with tap water - The risk of infection is very low.

Careful while bathing in stagnant water (rios), can cause diarrheal diseases. Walking barefoot in the sand (including the beach) but especially in the mud, may expose you to infections parasitic.

  • Dating. Even if you do not plan, do not forget to take the necessary protections....
  • Beware of traffic: Be especially cautious at night, there are many animals and "vehicles" of any kind, which may cross your path.
  • Watch out for falling coconuts: Do not laugh, it's true! Better be careful when you go under a coconut tree!

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